Cadence + Inspiration

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Ellen Ballon Dante

Designing jewelry began as a bit of a hobby for me as it does for so many others.  I remember being up all night working, fascinated with the beauty of the precious beads, how their colors interacted with each other and learning how to make tons of little teeny tiny knots.  The other thing I remember is the breath of my dog, Gypsy, sleeping at my feet, setting the cadence to my work.  Though my precious girl is gone now, I have been blessed with three to six others (my rescues who either still live with me or have other forever homes but keep come back to visit:)  And just like Gypsy, their sweet breath can always be heard nearby, a gentle reminder to keep working hard so that I can help to save more sleeping angels, just like them.

Here is a pic of our dog, Paco, sleeping next to me as I work.  Lucky me, as I got to use him as a free, low maintenance model in an impromptu photo shoot <3

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Emmy Rossum wears ADOPT by Deity and lends her voice to those who don't have one.

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